Documenting Europe’s Iconic Heritage

The workshop, which takes place during VAST 2012, will discuss on-going work to define a metadata model for the digital cultural assets created by 3D-ICONS and tools to manage them effectively. Progress so far shows that basing on the results of CARARE and availing of the innovative tools and methods created in 3D-COFORM may provide an effective solution. This is compatible with the goal of incorporating paradata into heritage documentation, as indicated in the London Charter, a new feature of the 3D-ICONS solution.

Documenting Europe’s Iconic Heritage

Workshop Chair: Andrea D’Andrea

Andrea D’Andrea is an archaeologist from the University of Naples “L’Orientale”, the 3D-ICONS coordinator. With a PhD in Archaeology, Andrea has carried out research on heritage documentation and ontologies, combining an extensive theoretical expertise with long-term experience of field work.


  • Franco Niccolucci, Project Coordinator, Welcome and presentation
  • Sheena Bassett, Project Manager, A brief introduction to 3D ICONS
  • Kate Fernie, MDR Partners, Metadata in the CARARE aggregation service
  • Andrea D’Andrea, U. of Naples “L’Orientale”, Combining the outcomes of CARARE and 3D-COFORM to capture in 3D, store, manage and retrieve the digital monuments of Europe
  • Short contributions by other 3D-ICONS partners

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