AR&OA Biennal on Heritage restoration and management

The AR&PA Biennial is a meeting point and discussion forum for professionals and institutions in the fields of protection, curatorship, conservation, restoration and management of Cultural Heritage. The event also provides a backdrop for a wider set of activities aimed at all those interested in understanding the importance of preserving and maintaining Cultural Heritage for future generations.

The AR&PA Biennial of Heritage Restoration and Management is divided into various sections; some of these open to the public while others are restricted to professionals. The sections are:

  • AR&PA Fair: stand displaying projects and initiatives in cultural heritage. Also AR&PA Fair includes the programmes AR&PA Business, AR&PA Employment, AR&PA Institutions and AR&PA musueums.
  • AR&PA International Congress. 2014. Society and Heritage
  • AR&PA Forum. Presentations and Technical Workshops to analyse and evaluate actions relating to cultural heritage
  • AR&PA Innovation
  • Social AR&PA: AR&PA Initiatives, AR&PA in Family, AR&PA for Everyone and Open for AR&PA, social programmes that aims to bring families and especially young people with special needs closer to cultural heritage.
  • The AR&PA Awards for Historical Heritage Actions

Participants from various disciplines involved in the conservation, protection, research, restoration, intervention, interpretation, management and promotion of Cultural Heritage take part in the AR&PA Biennial, making this a unique multidisciplinary event in Spain and placing it at the head of its field in Europe.

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