Workshop on Virtual Archaeology, Delphi.

The international workshop entitled VIRTUAL ARCHAEOLOGY: Museums & Cultural Tourism aims at investigating all new trends in the field of digital (e.g., online, virtual) museums, virtual communities, archaeometric studies, digital cultural tourism and related topics.

The workshop is open to students, museum and cultural heritage professionals, scholars, archaeologists, historians, ethnologists, IT specialists and engineers and others working on digital applications in cultural heritage, public and private museums, etc. The workshop is intended to enable collaborations and projects on Greek and international archaeological case studies.

Topics include, but are not restricted to, the following:

  • Visualizing archaeology and heritage in 3D
  • Virtual Communities
  • Virtual museums
  • Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality applications
  • Serious Games
  • Interaction Design
  • Museums, Narrative and Virtual Storytelling
  •  Handheld and mobile technologies
  • Web 2.0 and Social Networking in cultural heritage
  • Interactive installations in museums and heritage sites
  • Digital Hermeneutics and Museum Studies
  • Data mining and digital archives
  • Data, digitization, documentation
  • Digital technologies for archeological research
  • Digital Cultural Tourism
  • Copyright in the Digital Age
  • Museum Digital Resource Management
  • Digital preservation of historical & traditional practices
  • Quantitative and qualitative evaluation
  • Virtual Educational approaches
  • Virtual Archaeometry

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