Italian Virtual Heritage School

The 5th Italian School of Virtual Archaeology organised by CNR ITABC and CNR ISTI in cooperation with CINECA and the University of Padova, and will be hosted by CNR-ISTI in Pisa.

The 2013 school will be focused on three main sub-fields:

  1. processing of 3D/2D sampled data to support the needs and constrain of archaeological documentation and study
  2. presentation technologies, enabling easy production of multimedia presentation for the web or for museum kiosks
  3. interpretation and reconstruction of the archaeological and ancient landscape, through Virtual Reality and Computer Graphics techniques

The program includes: lectures from leading experts in the field; intensive exchange among students and teachers living in the same environment; a multidisciplinary approach and the inclusion of practical, hands-on experiences. The lessons will be also focused on the common needs of the practitioners in the field of Cultural Heritage, collected through the input of V-Must partners and the content of the applications to the course.

Period : 1 - 12 July 2013.Duration : 2 weeks (80 h);Language: English (material distributed in Italian and English. If participants will be only Italian speakers the main language used will be Italian)Fee : 500 Euro (including: materials, use of computers, software, lunches), VAT is included.
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