El Argar Skull

El Argar Skull

Photo of the skull with the crown

Location: Royal Museums of Art & History, Brussels, Belgium

Institute: Royal Museums of Art & History (KMKG)

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The El Argar buried their dead in burial jars, complete with status symbols like silver crowns, bracelets and beads necklaces. One of the jars still contained a skull wearing a crown. The skull has been reproduced in 3D using photogrammetry. 

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Image-Based - Dense Multi-View 3D Reconstruction  

  • Suitable for this kind of objects.
  • Limited 3D technical expertise needed.
  • The museums have their own photographic department   therefore only a small investment was required. 

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Nikon D7000 with 60 mm macro lens. 

Modelling Software

Modelling Software

Agisoft Photoscan 

Model usU

Model Use

The general public will access low resolution models through the KMKG website. Researchers will receive high resolution .obj files upon request.

Processing Pipeline

Processing Pipeline

Object photography, using a hand operated turntable in a white round wall studio (100 - 200 images per object) - In Agisoft Photos- can:  Masking the background of individual images - Generation of dense pointcloud - Generation of mesh - Application of texture -Export as 3D PDF & obj.

Online Delivery

Online Delivery

3D PDF - This is the method KMKG applies for 3D digital models  


Licence for Dataset

Licence / Paid Access - No Re-use