Kutuklu Baba Tekkesi

Kutuklu Baba Tekkesi

Sparse point cloud of the monument produced by Agisoft Photoscan

Location: Xanthi, Greece

Institute: ATHENA - Cultural & Educational Technology Institute (CETI)

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The monument is located in the middle of a cultivable area on the west coast of the Vistonida lake in Xanthi, Greece. It is considered as one of the most important Ottoman monuments in the area and it may have been built in the late 15th century. It was possibly built on the ruins of an Orthodox Christian temple that was dedicated to Saint George Kalamitziotis.

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Combination of Close Range Laser Triangulation (Optec Ilris 36D), Image-Based - Structure from Motion (SfM) and Image-Based - Dense Multi-View 3D Reconstruction 

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OPTEC Ilris 36D, Samsung ˇ˘1000 Camera, UAV, Total Station

Modelling Software

Modelling Software

Agisoft Photoscan, Meshlab,Blender 

Model usU

Model Use

The different versions (geometry and texture resolutions) gives the ability for the digital replica of the monument to be used in a wide range of applications related to visualisation and dissemination.

Processing Pipeline

Processing Pipeline

The data collection phase included partial scans using TOF laser scanning, terrestrial and aerial photoshooting along with total station and emperical measurements on strong features on the surface of the monument. The post processing included cleaning and alignment of the partial laser scans, the 3D reconstruction of the image sequences using an SFM implementation (Agisoft Photoscan). Texture mapping was implemented within the SFM software and the 3D model versioning and video sequence generation was performed with the help of Meshlab and Blender. 

Online Delivery

Online Delivery

X3DOM for lower resolutions, PLY (vertex paint) RAW, due to its ability to be visualised to a wide range of Web-browsers without the need of installing any plug-in. Additionally it o°ers progressive downloading and binary encoding for large models. 

http://www.ipet.gr/~akoutsou/3dicons/index.php?id= ARC3DICONS_3D_1Kiou&res=L 


Licence for Dataset
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Creative Commons - Attribution, Non Commercial, No Derivatives.