Ladisalu Hunyadi's Marble Sarcophagus

Ladisalu Hunyadi's marble sarcophagus

Data capturing, John Hunyadi sarcophagus

Location: Saint Michael Romano-Catholic Cathedral, Alba Iulia, Romania

Institute: Muzeul National de Istorie a României (MNIR)

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Sarcophagus of John Hunyadi, the brother of Iancu Hunyadi, a Hungarian noble and knight banneret from the House of Hunyadi, who died in 1442. The funerary monument is located in the southern collateral of Saint Michael Roman Catholic Cathedral, near the Renaissance stair case with the coat of arms built by the bishop Vardai. On the marble sarcophagus Gothic style mythological and biblical battles depict the life of the knight.

Height = 70 cm; Width = 84 cm; maximum thickness = 33 cm; Weight = 168 Kg

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Image-Based - Structure from Motion (SfM) & Traditional Photogrammetry. This 3D digitisation process is a low-cost technique suitable for a museum.

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Canon EOS 5D Mk II ISO 100, t=1/60/ zoom lens
EF 24-105 AF IS @ 35 mm f: 22

Modelling Software

Modelling Software

Agisoft Photoscan

Model usU

Model Use

Basic knowledge about the artefacts and also for scientific purpose

Processing Pipeline

Processing Pipeline

Data capturing with Canon Eos 5D Mark II, - Processing and post - processing in Agisoft Photoscan: photo alignment - build dense point cloud - mesh generating, and texturing.

Online Delivery

Online Delivery

3D PDF - It is the most suitable solution for this type of visualization 2326.pdf


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