St Kevin’s Church

St. Kevin's  Church

Image of the dense point cloud model

Location: Glendalough, Wicklow, Ireland

Institute: The Discovery Programme

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This is the only stone-roofed building to survive at Glendalough and it incorporates a croft between the barrel-vaulted ceiling and the roof which may have functioned as an anchor-hole. It was originally a small rectangular single-celled church with a miniature round tower belfry at the W end. A later chancel and sacristy were added at the E. The roof of the oratory is steeply pitched and corbelled while the outside of the roof stones are roughly dressed to the slope. The only access to the belfry was through the croft which in turn was accessed through a small square hole in the vault. A former wooden floor is indicated by beam-holes on all the walls at the springing of the arch. This room was lit by a small square-headed E window. Only the foundations of the chancel are now visible but the stone-roofed sacristy at the NE angle of the church still stands with a simple lintelled opening in the S wall and a small round-headed window at E. The belfry has one window at each of the two lower floors and rectangular openings on the top floor at the four cardinal points. It was at one stage likened to a chimney and so the church became known as St Kevin's Kitchen.

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Terrestrial Laser Scanning - Phase based. Provides rapid, accurate and dependable building survey data, which can be evaluated onsite. Panoramic Imaging – Provide full image texturing to replace scanner imagery.

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Faro Focus 3D, Gigapan Pro, Canon 5D MkII

Modelling Software

Modelling Software

Faro Scene, Trimble Realworks, Geomagic, Autodesk Mudbox, 3DS Max, XNormal, Photoshop, MeshLab, MARI, PTGUI.

Model usU

Model Use

Education, Conservation, virtual exploration, augmented reality, interpretation centre content, and tourism guides, 3D printing, provide access inside building which is normally closed.

Processing Pipeline

Processing Pipeline

Trimble Realworks: Data capture – registration – data cleaning & segmentation – sampling to 1cm – Geomagic: mesh creation -mesh cleaning – decimation to produce addition simplified obj – Mudbox: retopologised smaller obj. model – 3DS Max: UV Unwrapped - Mudbox: normal map extracted from high res and applied to low res model – XNormal: ambient occlusion map – PTGUI: Creation of panoramas from multiple images – MARI: texture paining of photographic images onto UV wrap - Photoshop: adjustment of texture maps – MeshLab: Creation of radiance scaling renders.

Online Delivery

Online Delivery

WebGL - Two lightweight models: one with photo texture and one with ambient occlusion to display the structural components of the building, are hosted online using SketchFab. This allows for very short load times and has the ability to generate psuedoVR content for users who cannot use WebGL. SketchFab also allows for First person viewing mode which allows the exploration of spaces. content/sites/26-st-kevins--church-glendalough


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Creative Commons

Creative Commons - Attribution, Non Commercial, No Derivatives.