The Cenacle Complex

The Cenacle Complex, Israel

The Cenacle Room - snapshot of the 3D mesh showing details of the interior

Location: Jerusalem, Israel

Institute: The Cyprus Institute, STARC

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The building complex is one of the most important monuments in Jerusalem, with a long and complex architectural history starting in the second century AD and continuing until the 14th century, hosting one of the earliest and better preserved examples of Crusader architecture of the "Kingdom of Jerusalem". The lower floor hosts the "Tomb of King David", among the largest cenotaphs ever built, while the upper floor is known as "The Room of the Last Supper" where, according to the Christian tradition, Jesus celebrated the Easter dinner and from where he was taken into custody prior his crucifixion.

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Image-Based - Structure from Motion (SfM)
Terrestrial Laser Scanning - Phase based
Cost efficient and easy to implement.

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Surphaser laser scanner, Menci ZScan

Modelling Software

Modelling Software

JRC, point cloud, AutoCAD, ZScan

Model usU

Model Use

Mostly informative

Processing Pipeline

Processing Pipeline

scanning - alignment of scans - cleaning of data - simplification - alignment internal with external faces - mesh.

Online Delivery

Online Delivery

X3D - fast online rendering and does not require any specific software to visualise.


Licence for Dataset
Creative Commons

Creative Commons - Attribution, Non Commercial, No Derivatives.