The Goddess of Sultana Neolithic Idol

Goddess of Sultana

Textured model, high quality, Agisoft PhotoScan

Location: Muzeul National de Istorie a Românie, Bucharest, Romania

Institute: Muzeul National de Istorie a României (MNIR)

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The vessel, known as The Goddess of Sultana, is modelled in a human shape. The facial features are under the rime. The eyes are marked by incisions with eyebrows in relief; the mouth is depicted by a large incision with a range of holes into lip and the nose is pointed. The large ears are perforated. The legs are short and thick. Special attention is devoted to the buttocks and the hips, which are emphasized. The schematic arms are modelled in an interesting position: the right arm holds the left one which is reaching toward the chin, suggesting a person who is thinking.

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Image-Based - Structure from Motion (SfM) & Traditional Photogrammetry. This 3D digitisation process is a low-cost technique suitable for a museum.

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Canon EOS 5D Mk II ISO 100, t=1/60/ zoom lens EF 24-105 AF IS @ 35 mm f: 22

Modelling Software

Modelling Software

Agisoft Photoscan

Model usU

Model Use

Basic knowledge about the artefacts and also for scientific purpose.

Processing Pipeline

Processing Pipeline

Data capturing with Canon Eos 5D Mark II, - Processing and post=processing in Agisoft Photoscan: photo alignment - build dense point cloud - mesh generating, and texturing.

Online Delivery

Online Delivery

3D PDF - It is the most suitable solution for this type of visualization. 2326.pdf


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