• Skellig Michael

    6 Nov 13
    Discovery Programme laser scanning at Skelling Michael

    Discovery Programme laser scanning at Skellig Michael

    Last week, geo-surveyors from the Discovery Programme had the privilege of laser scanning the monastic enclosure on Skellig Michael (one of Ireland's three UNESCO World Heritage Sites). This work was undertaken as part of the EU-funded 3D-ICONS Project, and the visit was facilitated by the Office of Public Works.

  • 3D-ICONS Attracts Attention at DH2013

    4 Nov 13
    DH2013 Logo small

    The 3D-ICONS Project had a high profile at Digital Heritage 2013 with a paper presented on the CARARE2 Metadata Schema, a three hour Workshop as well as participation in a European Projects networking session.

  • FBK

    2 Oct 13

    As part of our series of partner highlights this issue features the Bruno Kessler Foundation (FBK) in Trento, Italy, which with its 3DOM research unit participates as a content provider in the 3D-ICONS project. This article details the work FBK is doing.

  • 3D in CORECT project

    16 Sep 13

    The Co mmon Re ligious C ultural Pat hways (CORECT) project is a concerted effort to study, record and promote the common religious cultural heritage across the Greece-Bulgaria border.  To this end, the project exploits recent ICT advances in order to create innovative tools.

    A Byzantine church
  • News from Paestum

    6 Sep 13
    Group picture of the participants of the 2013 edition of the Paestum Summer school.

    Group picture of the participants of the 2013 edition of the Summer school

    The Summer school on “3D Surveying and Modelling in Cultural Heritage” took place on June 16-22, 2013 in Paestum (Italy).

    The Summerschool was organized by FBK Trento  and by the University of Salerno  and had 26 participants who were selected out of more than 50 applicants.

  • MNIR workshop

    6 Sep 13
    Presenting 3D ICONS to participants at the MNIR workshop

    The Romanian National History Museum  and F64, leader on the Romanian photo market, organized the first 3D photogrammetry workshop on the 22nd August 2013.

    At the event, MNIR aimed to present the 3D Icons project and knowledge gained as the members in the project, particularly techniques through which 3D models may be generated from photographs, with the help of dedicated software.

  • CAAI presents first results

    18 Jul 13
    Arturo Ruiz. in an interview for a radio channel (Photo: José A. Tuñón).

    Arturo Ruiz. in an interview for a radio channel (Photo: José A. Tuñón).

    A press conference was held on July 11, 2013 by the University of Jaén  to present their first results and their plans for digitising in 3D a series of sites and archaeological remains important to the Iberian culture as part of the 3D ICONS project.

    The Andalusian Centre for Iberian Archaeology (University of Jaén) has completed the digitisation of a group of Cerrillo Blanco sculptures from Porcuna on display at the Provincial Museum of Jaen. This group is the first of around 500 3D models of sites and archaeological material relating to the culture of the Iberians which the team plans to digitise as part of 3D ICONS including sites such as the oppidum at Puente Tablas  amongst others.

  • UAV at Xanthi workshop

    8 Jul 13
    Anestis Koutsoudis and Vasilis Liakopoulos preparing the UAV

     A UAV was demonstrated at the 3D ICONS workshop in Xanthi, Greece.  The hexacopter, a lightweight model, built by Aeroview was used to capture an aerial view of the participants and later to capture the panorama of the square at the centre of Xanthi's old town.

    Aeroview  is a small company in Greece that performs aerial photography for projects (e.g. photogrammetry, tourist brochures, etc) and which also develops custom Remote control devices. Vasilis Liakopoulos has built various models of UAV (including the one pictured) and also other types of models for different needs, such as remote controlled boats and hovercrafts with water sampling sensors to be used in chemical analysis.

  • CyArk 500

    13 Jun 13

    CyArk has announced that it will be launching a challenge to the world to save at-risk cultural heritage sites digitally.

  • Call for papers

    31 May 13

    Practical Experiences with CIDOC CRM and its Extensions (CRMEX), workshop to be held at TPDL 2013, Malta.  Call closes: July 27, 2013.