• Int. Summer school

    28 May 13
    A drone

    International Summer School on drones applied to cultural heritage and archaeology, 20-26 September 2013, Pontignano (Siena), Italy

  • 3D-ICONS Project Progress

    17 May 13

    3D Icons has now been underway for 1 year, here are some of our highlights, results and progress to date.


    17 May 13

    ARIADNE, launched in Rome on 7 February 2013 at the National Library, has as its objective creating a research infrastructure connecting European digital archaeological data archives and allowing researchers to access to data centres, tools and guidance.

  • Abbadia Castle

    17 May 13

    The Abbadia Castle in the south west of France is one of the Unesco World Heritage sites the 3D-Icons project is producing an 3D model of. Loïc Espinasse explains in this story how this was done and where drones come into action.

  • Metadata for 3D objects

    17 May 13

    Metadata (the data about data) are data used to describe a digital object. Without metadata it would be very difficult to retrieve any digital object.

    In case of the 3D-Icons project, there is more to it than meets the eye. And a bit more complex.  Andrea D'Andrea explains in this article how metadata and more specifically the way they are structured and organised are put into use to give access to the wide range of landscapes, buildings and objects captured by the partners in the project.

  • KMKG

    16 May 13

    The Royal Museums for Art and History (RMAH) form a scientific research institute with several museums located in the city of Brussels. The museums contain the biggest and the most divers Art and History collections in Belgium. A large collection of objects from the beginning of human culture to the present day, coming from 5 continents of the World, make up an impressive collection of treasures.  A staff of 350 curates the collection. The RMAH produce approx. 5 exhibitions per year.

  • Museum digitisation in Milan

    17 Apr 13
    View of the archaeological museum of Milan, inner courtyard

    The research group of Politecnico di Milano   (Gabriele Guidi, Sara Gonizzi, Laura Micoli, Michele Russo and Davide Angheleddu) is digitising the Archaeological Museum of Milan and its collections in 3D.  The museum is housed in buildings of the monastery of San Maurizio which date from the 16th to 18th centuries and were built on the remains of a 4th century Roman circus. Remains of Roman houses dating to the 1st century are also visible in the cloister of the museum.

    The museum holds more than 500 archaeological objects from the Roman, Greek, Etruscan, Barbaric and Medieval periods).  The collections include mosaics, furniture, ceramics, statues and building fragments - even statues which were later reused as building blocks!

  • In the news

    8 Apr 13

    An article by journalist Eithne Shortall entitled "Lasers to give ancient sites a digital future" was featured on page 7 of the UK's Sunday Times newspaper yesterday.

  • Training opportunity

    8 Apr 13

    A limited number of fellowships are available for a 4-day Virtual Heritage workshop to be held in Nicosia in May 2013.

  • Digitisation of derry's walls in the news

    4 Apr 13

    The mile long walls of the city of Derry in Northern Ireland are being scanned by 3D ICONS as part of the celebrations to mark their 400th birthday.