3D ICONS metadata training at Digital Heritage 2013

3D-Icons organised a second metadata workshop during the Digital Heritage 2013 Conference at the end of October in Marseilles.

3D ICONS metadata workshop at Digital Heritage 2013

Andrea d'Andrea presenting the CARARE 2 schema at 3D ICONS metadata workshop

The workshop coincided with the first release of the Metadata Editor, a new online tool developed by partners CETI in conjunction with DCU and MDR, which has been designed to make the creation and editing of metadata records conforming to the CARARE2 schema as straightforward and efficient as possible by using templates and reusable data. The tool also has the advantage that the XML produced is fully compliant with the schema and therefore can be uploaded directly into the MoRE2 repository for transformation into EDM for ingestion by Europeana.

The first afternoon session started with Andrea D’Andrea (CISA) presenting the CARARE2 schema which was followed by a lively discussion between the partners, particularly with regard to the Heritage Asset as this can now be a 3D model as well as a physical monument. Dimitris Gavrilis (DCU) then presented the first version of the new Metadata Editor and showed how an example provided by Polimi would be entered and saved. At the end of the first session, it was apparent from the feedback that nearly all the partners would use the tool, either standalone, or in conjunction with MINT2 (if the organisation was mapping their existing schema to CARARE2 and needed to add some missing metadata items).

Tutorial on MINT and MORE2 tools during 3D Icons workshop

Tutorial on MINT and MORE2 tools during 3D Icons workshop

Consequently, the second session on the following afternoon was split into two groups. People who wanted to use the Metadata Editor worked through examples from their own organisations with support from DCU, CISA and MDR whilst others who wanted to learn more about MINT attended a session run by Arne Stabenau (DCU).

The feedback from these sessions from the partners was very useful for DCU who left with a list of improvements for the new Metadata Editor – as well as a general opinion that the tool was going to be of great assistance, especially for those who were creating metadata from scratch.