ARIADNE's 3D and Visualisation Special Interest Group

The kick-off meeting for the "3D and Visualisation" Special Interest Group (SIG) of the  ARIADNE  project took place at CNR's office in Pisa on the 7th and 8th October 2013.

The 3D and Visualization SIG  is aimed at people who are producing 3D archaeological models and/or are using other media (e.g. audio visual, images) for any type of visual representation of archaeological findings or assets for the purposes of research, documentation, monitoring and preservation and the many other associated uses such as education and promotion of cultural heritage. 

The scale of these visualizations range from a few centimetres (small objects) to hundreds squared metres for large sites. As a relatively new topic, the focus is more on technology and methodologies associated with the creation, presentation and analysis of 3D models and related media. There is obviously an overlap with other SIGs such as metadata.

First meeting of the SIG

Meeting of the ARIADNE 3D and visualisation special interest group

Meeting of the ARIADNE 3D and visualisation special interest group

The title of the meeting was “ARIADNE infrastructure for multimedia data: matching technologies and user needs”.

Participants each presented a summary of the type of research and services they are involved and/or the technologies they are working with. Many examples were presented of the 3D and 2D representations produced to support archeology research, together with demos of tools developed for the processing and presentation of these models. The workshop then moved onto a discussion about the general needs and services that could be provided to the ARIADNE infrastructure.
A full description of the presentations and outcomes of the 1st SIG meeting is available as a report for SIG and ARIADNE infrastructure members.

For more information about the SIG, a copy of the meeting report and how to join see: