ARIADNE: A new research infrastructure project

ARIADNE, launched in Rome on 7 February 2013 at the National Library, has as its objective creating a research infrastructure connecting European digital archaeological data archives and allowing researchers to access to data centres, tools and guidance.

ARIADNE aims to stimulate new research in the field of archaeology by opening up access to data scattered amongst diverse collections, datasets, fieldwork reports and publications. Until now, anyone wanting to research information on, for example, the archaeology of the Roman provinces, had to search separate archives in the corresponding modern-day countries. Now, through the integration foreseen by ARIADNE, a new single virtual archive will be created which will unify the existing online resources. Management of the archives will be kept separate and under the direct control of the competent authorities. The ARIADNE project is funded under the European Commissions 7th Framework Programme and will run for four years. It is coordinated by PIN (Italy) and the deputy coordinator is the Archaeology Data Service at the University of York (UK). There are 24 project partners from 16 countries. Organizations involved include Academies of Science, an Institute of Archaeology, national cultural heritage research centres and other cultural, academic and research institutions. The project will also collaborate with the European Association of Archaeologists, the association representing this community at the European level.

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