CAAI press conference to launch 3D ICONS

A press conference was held at the University of Jaén on the 21st May to launch the 3D ICONS project.

Arturo Ruiz and Franco Niccolucci. Photo: Laura Moreno.

Arturo Ruiz and Franco Niccolucci. Photo: Laura Moreno.


On Monday 21 May, a press conference was held in Jaén, Spain to launch 3D-ICONS.  The conference was organized by 3D ICONS partners at the University of Jaén and the project was presented by Professor Arturo Ruiz and Professor Franco Niccolucci..The conference was attended by regional TV and Radio, and journalists.  Franco Niccolucci gave a short live radio interview. Arturo Ruiz presented the project and was featured on the TV and radio news.

The project presentation was very well received and favorably commented by the press.


University of Jaen, Spain and participates in the project through the Andalusian Centre for Iberian Archaeology as a content provider.

CAAI was founded in 1998 in the framework of the IInd Research Programme of the Regional Council, following the agreement between the regional Education and Science Authority and the University of Jaén. The objectives and aims of  CAAI are:

  • Archaeology of the Iberians
  • Landscape Archaeology
  • Management of Archaeological Iberian Heritage: For protection, research, preservation and dissemination strategies paying special attention to the use of IT.