3D ICONS photogrammetry workshop in Romania

Presenting 3D ICONS to participants at the MNIR workshop

The Romanian National History Museum  and F64, leader on the Romanian photo market, organized the first 3D photogrammetry workshop on the 22nd August 2013.

At the event, MNIR aimed to present the 3D Icons project and knowledge gained as the members in the project, particularly techniques through which 3D models may be generated from photographs, with the help of dedicated software.

This experience is being used to facilitate access to 3D modeling techniques, with a focus on cultural heritage objects and the way in which these results might be made known through the Europeana platform.

Demonstrating 3D digitisation of a museum object

Demonstrating 3D digitisation of a museum object

The participants at the workshop were cultural heritage providers, but as well freelancers, with a significant experience in the photography field. The organisers tried to foster communication and liaison between different institutions involved in protection and promotion of cultural heritage and the public; which is the undoubted beneficiary of world patrimony.

By associating the largest museum in Romania, Romanian National History Museum, and the 3D Icons project with F64, one of the most important photo dealers in Romania, MNIR aimed to promote the results of the project among members of the public and at the same time among members actively involved in promotion and protection of cultural heritage, and in this way, to create new cooperation opportunities.

Presenting 3D digitisation at the MNIR workshop