Blog: Visualisation of the Benedictine abbey at Ename

3D ICONS partner Visual Dimension has started a blog about its work on the virtual reconstruction of the Benedictine abbey at Ename.

This blog shows and documents the virtual reconstruction process of the Benedictine abbey of Ename in Belgium.  The abbey has been the subject of around 30 years of excavations since 1942  and extensive research on the history of the site and the evolution of its landscape.  

The remains of the abbey are still visible in the archaeological park of Ename but are difficult to understand or enjoy. The blog aims to show how the virtual reconstructions of the Ename abbey are made (based upon the available archaeological, historical and botanical research) and how they are transformed into scientifically correct applications that can be enjoyed online, in the museum or on site in Ename.

To read the blog go to: