Video of an underground Etruscan Tomb in Umbria

The Visual Computing Laboratory of ISTI-CNR, in collaboration with the National Archaeological Museum in Perugia, presents a video describing an underground Etruscan Tomb, now destroyed, located in the hills of Umbria.

The video, entirely in computer animation, is based on 3D models coming from digitization of the remaining artifacts buried in the tomb,
and from manual modeling reconstruction based on excavation notes and drawings. The video has been almost completely done using Blender and
MeshLab, with the aid of an archeologist to validate the reconstruction parts. The 3D models (both the digitized and the reconstructed ones), plus the documentation photos, and the video itself will be made available in Europeana by the 3D Icons project.

The video has been produced with narration in Italian for use in the National Archaeological Museum in Perugia .