Photogrammetry summer school, Romania

Photogrammetry for Cultural Heritage  is the first summer school organized by Romanian National History Museum , within 3D Icons.  The workshop aims to provide basic knowledge of 3D modeling to cultural heritage specialists and will take place from 22-27 September 2014.

Place: Argamum (necropolis area), Jurilovca, Tulcea county, Romania

The theoretic lessons will provide the basic photogrammetry information for generating 3D models of small objects and architectural structures, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of this method for metric documentation, conservation , restoration and dissemination of CH objects.  Data acquisition place will be Orgame/ Argamum archaeological site, where the participants will be divided in work groups of 2-3 persons, under the coordination of a team of specialists from Romania and Italy. A project will be assigned to each group, which will include data acquisition and processing, and final presentation. Each of the participants is required to come with their on laptops (medium-high performance, running on Windows) and photo-cameras, which will be used for data acquisition and processing.

Number of participants: 10

Participation fee: 250 EUR

Organization Committee

MNIR  Marius Amarie, Mihai Bozgan, dr. Corina Nicolae 

Institute of South-East European Studies : dr. Vasilica Lungu

Collaborators : Alexandra Dolea, Alina Musat, Marius Streinu

Lecturers : 3DDOM FBK team, Trento Italy

 Contact Corina Nicolae