UAV's in action at 3D ICONS' Xanthi workshop

Anestis Koutsoudis and Vasilis Liakopoulos preparing the UAV

 A UAV was demonstrated at the 3D ICONS workshop in Xanthi, Greece.  The hexacopter, a lightweight model, built by Aeroview was used to capture an aerial view of the participants and later to capture the panorama of the square at the centre of Xanthi's old town.

Aeroview  is a small company in Greece that performs aerial photography for projects (e.g. photogrammetry, tourist brochures, etc) and which also develops custom Remote control devices. Vasilis Liakopoulos has built various models of UAV (including the one pictured) and also other types of models for different needs, such as remote controlled boats and hovercrafts with water sampling sensors to be used in chemical analysis.

An aerial view of participants at 3D ICONS' workshop in Xanthi, Greece

For the 3D-ICONS project, Aeroview provide aerial images of monuments to be used for 3D reconstruction. In most cases a professionally built UAV helicopter will be used, with a 4.5 kilos payload. The hexacopter demonstrated at the Xanthi workshop was built by Aeroview from off-the-shelf electronic components to provide a UAV solution for very narrow and morphologically complex areas that require accurate flying paths where it is not possible to use the heavy duty UAV helicopter.

The Aeroview hexacopter

Following the workshop demonstration MNIR , 3D ICONS partner in Romania, is in discussions about obtaining a UAV to capture images of ceilings and parts of their monuments which are not accessible by any other means.