UNESCO World Heritage List

Includes the properties forming part of the cultural and natural heritage which UNESCO's World Heritage Committee considers as having outstanding universal value.

Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society Archaeology SIG

The Archaeology SIG aims to encourage the exchange of research and methodology between remote sensing scientists and archaeologists, especially those concerned with methods of site prospection and novel applications.

Clepsydra Digitisation Unit

Clepsydra (Centre for the Digitalisation of Cultural Heritage) focuses on the digitisation, preservation, management, promotion and dissemination of Greek cultural heritage. It is specialised on digitising and recording artefacts from different time periods.


The 3DOM research unit is actively involved in accurate measurements and reality-based 3D reconstruction problems. A consolidate know-how has been acquired in the development of metrology software and methodologies based on terrestrial, UAV, aerial and satellite photogrammetry as well as on triangulation and time-of-flight optical active sensors (e.g. laser scanners).


CyArk is a 501c3 non profit organization with the mission of: digitally preserving cultural heritage sites through collecting, archiving and providing open access to data created by laser scanning, digital modeling, and other state-of-the-art technologies.

Current projects


An integrated project funded under the European Commission's 7th Framework programme which is focussing on tools and expertised for 3D collection formation. The project began in 2008 and runs to 2012.


The European digital library, museum and archive is a prototype portal offering users direct access to more than 7 million digital objects, including film material, photos, paintings, sounds, maps, manuscripts, books, newspapers and archival papers. It was launched on 20 November 2008 by Viviane Reding, European Commissioner for Information Society and Media.

Europeana Group

Comprises of a number of projects which, with funding from the European Commission, will be contributingtechnology solutions and content to CARARE is part of this group.

Partage Plus

Partage Plus is digitising Art Nouveau objects for Europeana, includes 3D digitisation

Scottish Ten

The Scottish Ten is an ambitious five year project using cutting edge technology to create exceptionally accurate digital models of Scotland’s five UNESCO designated World Heritage Sites and five international ones in order to better conserve and manage them.

Completed projects


CARARE brings together heritage agencies and organisations, archaeological museums and research institutions and specialist digital archives from all over Europe to establish a service that will make digital content for Europe's unique archaeological monuments and historic sites interoperable with Europeana. It aims to add the 3D and Virtual Reality content to Europeana.


Network of Excellence in Open Cultural Heritage  which brought together institutions to work at the interface between technology and the cultural heritage.


Semantic and content-based multimedia exploitation for European benefit was a three-year European project that started in May 2002 with a focus on 3D content.