Politecnico di Milano

POLIMI – Politecnico di Milano, Italy participated in 3D-ICONS as a content and technology provider.

Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI) is the major research university in Italy focused on Engineering, Architecture and Industrial Design, with an excellent international reputation. The people involved in the project, coming from the Reverse Modeling group at the Department of Industrial Design (INDACO), and the KAEMaRT (Knowledge Aided Engineering Manufacturing and Related Technologies) group at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, have gained scientific and technological competences even through the participation to several research projects in the areas of reverse modelling and engineering, geometric and physically-based modelling, virtual reality and virtual prototyping, haptic interfaces, multi-modal user interfaces. PoliMI brought competences in all these areas, providing an extensive view of issues and problems related to the integration of all these technologies. Since 1979, the KAEMaRT group has hosted more than 200 fellows and more than 150 individuals have been trained via their active participation to research activities. The Reverse Modeling group has been cooperating in international teams from US and Europe for large 3D acquisition projects funded by public institutions and private foundations, working on the integration of different 3D technologies and on specific optimizations of the 3D acquisition pipeline. The target objects range from urban portions, buildings, architectural elements sculptures and small items. The KAEMaRT group has participated and coordinated several projects funded by the Italian Ministry of Research and by the European Commission. Recently, it has participated to FP6 IP VIVACE, FP6-NoE INTEROP and FP6-IP CUSTOM-FIT projects, and has coordinated FP6-IST T’nD and FP6-IST SATIN projects.