The activities of 3D ICONS include:

  • Digitisation planning this preliminary phase includes the selection of monuments for digitisation, design of the digitisation project, the selection of appropriate equipment and software, selecting tools for metadata capture and scheduling the work.
  • Data acquisition the objective of the work package is to execute the data acquisition phase of digitisation in a smooth and secure
    way, according to the digitisation plan defined for the project. The main tasks are

    • Digitising monuments, buildings and related resources following the design methodology
    • Revising and completing legacy data in line with project standards, converting to new formats where applicable.
    • Carrying out quality tests
  • Post-processing the objective of this work package is refining the new 3D content post-processing the data. The main tasks are:
    • make all necessary graphical or content refinement improvements to the model and the other data provided;
    • creating video tours of the monuments and/or important details.
    • carrying out quality tests regarding geometry and graphics
      metadata creation
  • Publication of content online the objective of this work package is the publication of all the materials online in preparation for access via Europeana. This includes:
    • simplifying complex models
    • convertion to formats, suitable for on-line access by Europeana users, while retaining the data in a richer format for other applications and future use
    • making metadata available for harvesting and aggregation for Europeana
  • Making content available to Europeana – the work package deals with the aggregation and ingestion process. The goal is to provide content to
    Europeana in compliance with its specifications. The main tasks are:

    • maintaing the relevant metadata schema and vocabularies
    • planning and implementing metadata harvesting
    • harvesting and supply to Europeana
  • Business models and supply chains – the work package aims to establish the production pipeline, the quality control procedure, the metadata schema, publication pipeline and the business model. The main tasks are:
    • IPR schemes for 3D models
    • Guidelines
    • Business model and supply chain.
  • Dissemination activities will be carried out throughout the project to present the work of 3D-ICONS at conferences, workshops and other events.