Project results, reports, publications, presentations and other materials.

  3D-ICONS Deliverables

D2 1: Digitisation Planning Report P. Cignoni (CNR), A. D’Andrea (CISA)
D3 1: Interim Report on Data Acquisition G. Guidi (POLIMI)
D3 2: Final Report on Data Acquisition G. Guidi (POLIMI)
D4.1: Interim Report on Post-processing L. De Luca (CNRS)
D4.2: Interim Report on Metadata Creation A. D’Andrea (CISA) with the collaboration of R. Fattovich and F. Pesando (CISA), A. Tsaouselis and A. Koutsoudis (CETI)
D4.3: Final Report on Post-processing L. De Luca (CNRS)
D5.1: 3D Publication Formats Suitable for Europeana Daniel Pletinckx and Dries Nollet (VisDim)
D5.2: Report on Publication Daniel Pletinckx (Visual Dimension bvba), Dries Nollet (Visual Dimension bvba), Franco Niccolucci (VAST) and Christos Chamzas (CETI)
D6.1: Report on Metadata and Thesaurii Andrea d’Andrea (CISA) and Kate Fernie (MDR)
D6.2: Report on Harvesting and Supply Dimitris Gavrilis (Athena R.C), Eleni Afiontzi (Athena R.C), Dimitra-Nefeli Makri (Athena R.C), Athanasios Tsaouselis (Athena R.C), Nikolaos Kazakis (Athena R.C), Christodoulos Chamzas (Athena R.C) and Sheena Bassett (CISA)
D7.2: Report on IPR Scheme Mike Spearman, Sharyn Emslie and Paul O’Sullivan (CMC)
D7.3 Guidelines and Case Studies Anthony Corns (DISC) with contributions from all 3D-ICONS content providers
D7.4: Report on Business Models Sharyn Emslie, Dr James Hemsley, Emma Inglis, Paul O’Sullivan and Dr Mike Spearman (CMC)
D8.1: Initial dissemination Plan Kate Fernie (MDR)
D8.2: Interim dissemination Plan Kate Fernie (MDR)
D8.3: Final Dissemination Plan CISA
Case studies for testing the digitisation process: interim report Anestis Koutsoudis, Blaz Vidmar and Fotis Arnaoutoglou (CETI) and Fabio Remondino (FBK)

  3D-ICONS Annual Reports

Annual Publishable Summaries

   3D-ICONS on Europeana

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