CARARE 2.0 schema

CARARE  defined its metadata schema to support the harvesting and aggregating of metadata for Europeana. Version 2.0 of the schema was prepared in the framework of the 3D ICONS project.

The schema is intended to support the delivery of metadata to the 3D ICONS service environment. The strength of the schema lies with its ability to support the full range of descriptive information about monuments, building, landscape areas and their representations in both 2D and 3D.

The CARARE schema is an application profile of the Europeana Data Model (EDM ). It is based on MIDAS Heritage , LIDO  and EDM, and compatible with the CIDOC CRM . Version 2.0  of the CARARE metadata schema takes into account the experience gained as a result of aggregating metadata for Europeana from the 24 CARARE content providers, developments in EDM and the requirements of the 3D ICONS project to extend the activity class to include paradata and provenance of 3D models from the CIDOC CRM DIG.

The CARARE schema’s main information classes are:

  • Heritage asset – this includes archaeological monuments, historic buildings, industrial monuments, archaeological landscape areas, shipwreck, artefacts and ecofacts, as well as books, printed materials, printed maps, drawings, photographs, films and born-digital 3D models which relate to the archaeological and architectural heritage
  • Digital resource – these are online resources (image, text, video, audio, 3D model) being made accessible to the service environment (e.g. CARARE, Europeana)
  • Collection information – this describes the collection which holds the content being provided.
  • Activity – this includes both historical events which took place at the heritage assets (such as building, alternation, demolition, battles, etc) and archaeological events (such as excavations, surveys, etc).


The CARARE metadata schema2

More information is available about the CARARE metadata schema here: